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05 Dec 2014

First Lady at the San

The San Foundation presented a cheque of $1m to the Hospital for new facilities and services during its Annual General Meeting at the San on the 27th November.

First lady Mrs Margie Abbott was guest speaker at the lunch also attended by well-known business leaders including Dick and Pip Smith AO, and Mr Dick Warburton AO LVO, and other supporters.

“It does not matter whether a donor gives $5.00 or $5million” said Barbara Ward Managing Director of the San Foundation.

“We value and appreciate each and every one. It’s our chance to thank them for helping us to help others.”

First Lady Mrs Margie Abbott shared fond memories of her time living on the Upper North Shore as she addressed over 300 people at the lunch. Recalling the time before her husbandPrime Minister Tony Abbott stood for pre-selection on the Northern Beaches and moved house, Margie remembered when they lived on the North Shore.

“We purchased a home … to be our forever home on the beautiful leafy North Shore of Sydney but as we all know few things last however. I remember our daughters they were 4, 3, and 1 at the time and those memories are priceless … running to the big rock at the end of the cul-de-sac to explore all kinds of incredible creatures was a great thing.”

Living close to the San Mrs Abbott had fond memories which inspired her return for the Hospital’s Foundation thankyou lunch for its donors.

“We were able to attend the much loved Christmas Carols here on the front lawn at the San and we had occasions as young families do, when we needed to visit the emergency Department, because with young children it is a regular port of call.

As a young mother to have access to such a wonderful facility was certainly one of the reasons we were very happy to call Fox Valley Road our home.

With every dealing, my family have found a hospital of the highest standard, from professionalism from the staff that provide a level of care and reassurance that greatly aids recovery, to the standard of accommodation and patience service. A leading light as a private not-for-profit care facility, the San is an integral part of this neighbourhood and the broader community of the Upper North Shore.”

Mrs Abbott also shared some of her passion for her own work and for not-for-profit organisations.

“For the past 16yrs and up until recent changes in my life I was the Director of Early Childhood Centre responsible for 10 staff and assisting and supporting 120 local families. It was certainly not on the scale of the work that is undertaken here at the San but the underlying commitment to service would be similar.

Everyone, not just people in authority can make a difference to the wonderful as well as the difficult challenges life presents us. We can all make a difference.”

The $1 million donation will be used to buy more equipment and provide additional much needed services.


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