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Dec 19, 2016

AHCL's Staff Christmas Card

Making Christmas Merry for San patients is being enhanced this year with the San’s first video ‘Christmas Card’ message for patients. More
Dec 06, 2016

80 years of Orthopaedics in Australia celebrated

The San is hosting an Australian Orthopaedic Association travelling exhibition celebrating 80 years of orthopaedics in Australia. More
Dec 06, 2016

San Nutritionist Cassie Fuggle on 2UE Talking Lifestyle 

San dietician and nutritionist Cassie Fuggle chats to 2UE Talking Lifestyle about how to save your waistline from Christmas. More
Dec 05, 2016

San Urological Surgeon Dr Ruth Collins - new interview about incontinence

Dr Ruth Collins talks about incontinence in women and men in her new face-to-face interview (videos series) More
Dec 05, 2016

San Urologist Dr Phillip Katelaris - new video interview

Dr Phillip Katelaris talks about erectile dysfunction and the available treatments in Australia (videos series) More
Dec 01, 2016

San Movember campaign raises $1,000 for men’s health

San doctors, nurses and staff members participated in the 'Mo'-vember' campaign to highlight men's health. More
Nov 29, 2016

San Clinical Associate Professor Ross Grant on 2UE Health and Wellness re the Festive Season and Alcohol consumption warning

A/Prof Ross Grant on 2UE Talking Lifestyle More
Nov 29, 2016

Adventist Media Network – Watch the story of Chester Kuma about faith and forgiveness

A video series by Adventist Media Network - My Story More
Nov 22, 2016

San Chief Clinical Pharmacist Julia Das talks to 2UE Talking Lifestyle about Antibiotics

Pharmacist Julia Das talks about the usage of antibiotics. More
Nov 22, 2016

San Doctor Christos Apostolou talks to 2UE Talking Lifestyle about gallbladder issues.

Dr Apostolou talks about the gallbladder, gallstones and their treatment. More
Nov 21, 2016

Movember - San Professor Henry Woo on 2UE Talking Lifestyle

Prof Henry Woo talks about the importance of highlighting men's health More
Nov 21, 2016

San Doctor Christos Apostolou on 2GB

Doctor Christos Apostolou talks to 2GB's Steve Price about gallstones and their treatment. More
Nov 17, 2016

See the Hornsby Advocate's coverage of San Run for Life 

San Run for Life fun run was held on Sunday, 13 November 2016 More
Nov 16, 2016

Hear our health practitioners on the new Record website

The Adventist Church new Record website has been launched and will be featuring AHCL's medical experts radio interviews. More
Nov 15, 2016

San Run for Life enjoyed by community members on a beautiful sunny Sunday

The Hon. Tony Abbott MP was amongst over 600 entrants who participated in the San Foundation organised San Hospital's Run for Life at the weekend. More
Nov 15, 2016

San Oncologist Wins Award for Presentation

Watch the video of Dr Gavin Marx's presentation at The Cancer Institute NSW conference. More
Nov 10, 2016

Hornsby Advocate pre-promotion for Sunday's San Run For Life. 

See the article: "Staff run to save even more lives" More
Nov 10, 2016

North Shore Times front page pre-promotion for San Run for Life

See the article: Mum's Up and Running More
Nov 08, 2016

San Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Stuart Kirkham on 2UE

Dr Stuart Kirkham talks about Carpel Tunnel Syndrome with 2UE’s Ed Phillips and takes talk-back callers More
Nov 07, 2016

The Resuscitators - Running to save lives

A team of intensive care unit staff from Sydney Adventist Hospital will be amongst the 1000 expected San Fun Run entrants fundraising for cancer services on Sunday November 13th. More
Nov 01, 2016

Movember Launch

The San Hospital gets a facelift with 8-metre long moustache in support of 'Movember' and saving men's lives. More
Nov 01, 2016

Channel 9 News covers the Sydney Adventist Hospital Movember launch.

Movember launch event makes the news. More
Nov 01, 2016

San Doctor Angus Kingon on 2GB

San Doctor Angus Kingon from San Day Surgery Hornsby talks about oral surgery with Steve Price on 2GB. More
Nov 01, 2016

San Doctor Phil Le Page on 2UE Talking Lifestyle

Doctor Phil Le Page talks about gastric bypass and its impact on diabetes. More
Oct 25, 2016

San Physiotherapist Janet Cormack on 2UE Talking Lifestyle

Physiotherapist Janet Cormack talks to 2UE Talking Lifestyle about how to prepare for a Running Event More
Oct 25, 2016

San Doctor Phil Le Page on 2GB

San Doctor Phil Le Page talks to 2GB's Steve Price about Gastric bypass surgery and its impact on Diabetes. More
Oct 24, 2016

Pink Ribbon Day at the San

Pink Ribbon Day was celebrated at the San to support Australian women and men affected by breast and gynaecological cancers. More
Oct 24, 2016

San Pink Ribbon Day 

San Pink Ribbon Day morning tea print and video coverage in the Record today. More
Oct 19, 2016

How to treat Fibroids

San Interventional Radiologist Eisen Liang has authored an article ‘How to treat – Fibroids’ that has been published in Australian Doctor. It was also collected in the HTT Hardcopy Year Book. More
Oct 17, 2016

San Doctor Geoff McGrath on 2UE Talking Lifestyle

San Doctor Geoff McGrath talks to 2UE's ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ program about Annual health check-ups. More
Oct 17, 2016

San Doctor ENT Specialist Payal Mukherjee on 2UE Health and Wellness segment

Doctor Payal Mukherjee talks about ENT diseases and responds to callers’ queries on 2UE health and wellness segment. ​ More
Oct 17, 2016

San Doctor Ross Grant on 2GB

A/Prof Ross Grant talks to 2GB’s Steve Price on how to keep the brain healthy. More
Oct 17, 2016

San Doctor Gabby Vasica on 2UE

San Doctor Breast Surgeon Gabby Vasica discusses the benefits of early detection of breast cancer on 2UE. More
Oct 12, 2016

San Doctor Stuart Kirkham on 2GB

San Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon Stuart Kirkham talks to 2GB about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and its treatment options. More
Oct 11, 2016

30th Anniversary celebration

The San Day Surgery Hornsby has celebrated its 30th anniversary. More
Oct 05, 2016

Support participants in the San Run for Life

Breast Cancer Survivor Victoria Brown has joined the fundraising campaign for the San Run for Life More
Sept 28, 2016

Dr Hilda High talks to 2GB

San's Genetic Oncologist Hilda High talks to Steve Price on 2GB about cancer genetics More
Sept 26, 2016

HealthCare for the Future

A new AHCL corporate communications video showcases the new facilities and the great work caring for our community. More
Sept 26, 2016

San Interventional Cardiologist Jason Sharp interviewed on cardiac diseases

San Interventional Cardiologist Jason Sharp talks about cardiac diseases and treatments in a 'Face to Face' video interview More
Sept 26, 2016

San Interventional Cardiologist Jason Sharp interviewed on TAVI and keyhole heart surgery

San Interventional Cardiologist Jason Sharp talks about keyhole heart surgery and TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) in a 'Face to Face' video interview. More
Sept 19, 2016

Doctor Saurabh Gupta talks about Enteroscopy on 2UE

Gastroenterologist Dr Saurabh Gupta speaks to 2UE's Clinton Maynard about Enteroscopy at the San. More
Sept 19, 2016

Dr Peter Puhl talks strokes

San Neurologist Dr Peter Puhl is interviewed on 2GB by Steve Price More
Sept 15, 2016

Dr Peter Wood's interview on 2UE

San Doctor Peter Wood talks about preconception and making healthy babies on 2UE More
Sept 14, 2016

Dr Emily Granger's interview on 2UE

Cardio-thoracic surgeon Dr Emily Granger speaks to 2UE's Clinton Maynard re life-saving ECMO technology at the San and her world's first cardiac work at St Vincents. More
Sept 09, 2016

Bendigo Bank joins the San Foundation in Breast Cancer Fight

The bank has donated five thousand dollars to the San Foundation that has initiated a drive to acquire state-of-the-art equipment for Cancer treatment. More
Sept 09, 2016

Exercise as a medicine for Cancer

Cancer survivors celebrate good health and their fitness at a Physiotherapy class More
Sept 05, 2016

San physiotherapist Janet McCormack's interview with 2GB

San physiotherapist Janet McCormack talks to 2GB’s Steve Price about exercise as a form of medicine and classes for women after breast cancer. More
Aug 15, 2016

San Education highlighted through San students' and San Educators' journeys

4 videos showcasing San Education - nurse education courses ( Enrolled Nurse, New Graduate and Re-entry and Refresher) have been produced to inform and promote about nurse education here at AHCL. More
Aug 10, 2016

San Cancer Support's Shirley Lofgren talks to 2GB's Steve Price about the San Cancer Support Centre

San's Cancer Support Centre Manager Shirley Lofgren talks to 2GB More
Aug 08, 2016

San News Volume 1 - 2016

The latest edition of San News is out! More
Jul 28, 2016

OHI transfer to ADRA

Open Heart International (OHI) is being transferred from Adventist Healthcare Limited (AHCL) to the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia. The change is being made to leverage opportunities for growth, enhance the impact of both organisations in developing countries and improve efficiencies. More
Jul 26, 2016

San Homecoming 2016

A warm invitation to all nursing graduates, doctors, former and current staff, friends and family of the San. More
Jul 23, 2016

San Neurosurgeon Professor Brian Owler talks to 2UE

Professor Brian Owler was interviewed by 2UE about back pain and sciatica More
Jul 18, 2016

San Doctor interviewed by 9 News on new life-saving procedure

Channel Nine speaks with San Interventional Cardiologist Dr Dylan Wynne on the life-saving Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation More
Jul 18, 2016

Associate Professor Richard Chard talks to 2GB

San Cardiothoracic surgeon Associate Professor Richard Chard talks to 2GB’s Steve Price regarding Pectus Excavatum and the Nuss Bar procedure and other cardiac conditions. More
Jul 16, 2016

Professor Richard Chard talks to 2UE

San Cardiothoracic surgeon Professor Richard Chard talks to 2UE regarding Pectus Excavatum and the Nuss Bar procedure. More
Jul 11, 2016

Dr. Peter Illes talks to 2UE

Dr. Peter Illes speaks about Heart diseases on 2UE's interview. More
Jul 07, 2016

Dr. Ruth Collins talks to 2GB

San Doctor Ruth Collins speaks about incontinence More
Jun 23, 2016

San Volunteer features in Hornsby Advocate

San Help Team member John Bulley was featured in Hornsby Advocate More
Jun 22, 2016

 In Concert  Violin Virtuoso: Jaime Jorge

Jaime has played in over 60 countries and now will playing in an unforgettable concert on July 16 , 2016. More
Jun 20, 2016

Dr David McHarg talks to 2UE

Dr David McHarg explains the use of Nuclear medicine in diagnosis and treatment on 2UE. More
Jun 16, 2016

'Forgiveness' - National Christian Family Conference 2016

Lindt Café siege survivor Louisa Hope is guest speaker at the conference and will be talking on the topic 'Moving On'. More
Jun 16, 2016

Sleep out for the Homeless

Former Local Member for Bradfield and current Director of the Australian War Memorial Brendan Nelson continues his great humanitarian efforts for the under privileged with his participation in the June 23rd St Vincent's CEO Sleep out. More
Jun 15, 2016

Caring for the community and the environment 

A recently installed 100kW solar system is helping the San Hospital reduce its carbon footprint and its impact on the environment. More
Jun 08, 2016

Open Heart International fundraising appeal for their new home.

Open Heart are planning a new hospital based warehouse to house supplies for their cardiac, orthopaedic, ophthalmic, burns scar contracture and women's health, life saving and life transforming trips. More
Jun 07, 2016

San Doctor Sarah Choi talks to 2GB about Endometriosis in Australia

Gynaecologist Sarah Choi discusses the issues related with Endometriosis on 'Health Matters' with broadcaster Steve Price. More
Jun 07, 2016

Dr. Omar Ahmad talks to 2GB

San Doctor Omar Ahmad talks to 2GB's Steve Price about Parkinson's Disease. More
Jun 06, 2016

The San's Patient Services Admission & Discharge Manager receives Chairman's Commendation 

Verna Marsh has been acknowledged for exhibiting professional excellence modelling Christianity in Action and More Care. More
Jun 06, 2016

San Doctor talks to ABC RN on Vasectomy

Urologist Phillip Katelaris speaks about the rise of vasectomy in Australia More
Jun 03, 2016

San Doctors recognized for national and international awards

Professor John Watson, Professor Stan Sidhu and Professor Simon Finfer were noted for their significant recognition nationally and internationally. More
May 30, 2016

2UE Broadcaster receives Flu Shot

Fox Valley Medical Centre GP Dr Geoff McGrath gave 2UE breakfast broadcaster John Stanley his winter Flu shot in studio More
May 28, 2016

 Dr. Philip Katelaris talks to 2UE

San Doctor Urologist Phillip Katelaris speaks about kidney stones on 2UE. More
May 24, 2016

San Doctors participate in Advanced Leadership Program

Dr. Payal Mukherjee and Dr. Michelle Atkinson awarded 12 month scholarships More
May 24, 2016

Dr. John Flood talks to 2GB

Dr John Flood from San Day Surgery Hornsby talks about plastic and reconstructive surgery. More
May 20, 2016

San Anaesthetist Dr Stephanie Phillips appointed Associate Professor

Dr Stephanie Phillips has been appointed Associate Professor at the Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School More
May 19, 2016

Prestigious appointment for the San’s Professor John Watson.

Professor John Watson has been appointed Deputy National Secretary of The Rhodes Trust in Australia More
May 16, 2016

San Doctor's Paper Published in The Lancet Oncology Journal

Professor of Surgery, Associate Professor Henry Woo is co-principal investigator of a multi-centre paper published in the highly regarded journal. More
May 14, 2016

 Dr. Michael Hughes talks to 2GB

Dr. Michael Hughes talks to 2GB about breast screening and MRI usage. More
May 13, 2016

OHI Volunteers East Africa visit

Open Heart International volunteers perform over 30 successful cardiac surgeries in East Africa. More
May 12, 2016

Volunteer Week 2016

The San celebrates National Volunteer Week to appreciate the work and efforts of its volunteers. More
May 10, 2016

Cardiologist Tom Gavaghan talks to 2GB

Dr. Tom Gavaghan speaks about the New Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory at the San. More
May 09, 2016

The San's Emergency Care celebrates 20th anniversary 

The San's Emergency Care celebrated 20 years on Friday May 6th, remembering the close to 400,000 patients we have cared for since opening in 1996. More
May 05, 2016

Up to 1,000 San mums & bubs enjoy Teddy Bears Picnic 

An annual event for San babies and their mothers, the picnic was held on May 4 as an advance celebration of Mother’s Day. More
May 05, 2016

San Midwife named Johnson & Johnson NSW Midwife of 2016!

26 year old Emily Turaganivalu won the award announced on International Midwives Day, May 5. More
May 05, 2016

2GB's Ray Hadley gets the Flu Shot on-air from San GP Dr Geoff McGrath 

2GB and 2CH broadcasters were administered flu shots by the San's Dr Geoff McGrath and nurse Louise Kimbell. More
May 05, 2016

San Nurse Tess Osborne talks to ABC Radio 702

San Registered Nurse Tess Osborne was interviewed on ABC Radio 702 in Sydney. More
Mar 29, 2016

San Palliative Care nurse delivers granddaughter in the driveway 

Baby Evaleia is resting peacefully after being born in the passenger seat of the family car. More
Mar 29, 2016

Recent SAH Interviews on 2GB Nights with Steve Price and 2UE Health Checks... 

Listen to SAH staff and specialists talk to Steve Price on 'Health Matters' on 2GB, and to Clinton Maynard on 2UE's weekend program for 'Health Checks'... More
Mar 10, 2016

New Hearing & Balance Centre at the San 

New centre provides one place of access for testing, diagnosis and treatment. More
Mar 09, 2016

Riders and Supporters Wanted

Join SAH General Manager and staff competing in the Bobbin Head Cycle Classic on March 20. More
Feb 29, 2016

Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) support for Fiji Cyclone victims 

Fiji counts the cost of Cyclone Winston - how you can help. More
Feb 15, 2016

San Construction partners awarded for San Redevelopment 

Congratulations to San Alliance partner Buildcorp who has been awarded for its role in the SAH Redevelopment. More
Feb 15, 2016

SAH Clinical School participates in the Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu (WMBB) Summer Program 

Program offers Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander high school students workshops at various universities. More
Feb 09, 2016

Emergency Care Director Dr Greg McDonald on 2GB 

Listen to Steve Price interview Dr Greg McDonald, Director Of Emergency Care at the San. More
Feb 04, 2016

CCU reunion after life saved on Manly Beach

Coronary care nurse discovers her patient is a man she helped resuscitate on the weekend. More
Feb 02, 2016

Barbara McKenzie on 2GB 

Click here to listen Steve Price interview Barbara Mackenzie about how the Sans advanced health information technology underpins best medical practice and patient care More
Jan 11, 2016

The San's MAKO surgeon-assisted robot on Channel 9 News 

The San’s new MAKO surgeon-assisted Robot - NSW's first - used currently for partial knee replacements was featured on Channel 9 News on Wednesday 9th December. More
Jan 11, 2016

Carols by Candelight - a wonderful night! 

The San’s free Carols by Candlelight was held on Sunday 13th December and attracted an estimated 4,000-5,000 to the now iconic local event. More
Oct 31, 2016


Join our Movember Launch on Monday, October 31 and help promote the importance of Men's health... More
Oct 17, 2016

San Genetic Oncologist Hilda High on 2GB

Dr Hilda High talks to 2GB’s Steve Price about the new Cancer Genetic App and how it is connecting researchers and patients from outback and rural Australia. More
Jan 28, 2016

One-night 'Live More' Symposium 

A one-night symposium exploring the future of healthcare and the contribution of lifestyle as medicine, featuring Prof Chris Baggoley. More
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