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Clinical Specialties


Our team of 11 expert neurosurgeons that practice at the San are skilled to treat a range of conditions from the brain to the spine and peripheral nerves. They have a vast depth of knowledge which spans different areas of expertise within the neurological field.  The San is particularly well-known for its highly-skilled spinal surgeons whose great patient outcomes place them at the forefront of their industry.  For more detailed information on our doctors and their specialty areas, visit their profiles in the Find a Specialist search facility. 

For detailed information on our services, see the range of neurosurgical conditions we treat at the San.

Unique Care

All San patients should also be comforted to know that Sydney Adventist hospital staff are known for their unique and exceptional care.  Our experienced nursing staff work hand in hand with our highly skilled and qualified specialists and registrars to ensure that your stay is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

The San maintains high quality nursing and clinical staff and believes that this is vital to the care of its patients. It boasts a very loyal and committed nursing team whose unique care is evidenced by low staff turnover and low reliance on agency staff.

Pastoral and counselling teams are also available to support staff, patients and their carers.

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Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical Specialties and Services