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The field of Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system, and Sydney Adventist Hospital provides a comprehensive range of services for the treatment of neurological and neurosurgical conditions affecting the brain, spine, peripheral nerves and muscles. Our team of specialist doctors, nurses and diagnostic and allied health staff, ensure that each patient receives a sophisticated diagnosis and treatment of their condition.

The San’s extensive team of 15 neurologists, 1 ANZAN (Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists) accredited neurology registrar, 2 neurophysiology technicians, 2 neuropsychologists and 11 neurosurgeons places it as one of the largest and most comprehensive neurological and neurosurgical teams offered by any private hospital in NSW and their comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach ensures that all aspects of treatment and care can be handled effectively by our well-qualified specialists on site.

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Neurology is the study of disorders of the nervous system and neurologists are specialist physicians that are expert in the diagnosis and treatment of all of conditions and diseases related to the central and peripheral nervous system and its connections. This includes nerve coverings, blood vessels and tissues, such as muscle. Many neurologists also have further training in subspecialty areas of neurology, such as stroke medicine, epilepsy, headache, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular disorders, sleep medicine, pain management or movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease).

The San is one of only 20 hospitals in NSW and the only private hospital that is on the Ambulance NSW stroke matrix and identified as an approved Acute Thrombolytic Centre (ATC) for the treatment of patients suffering from stroke. To make this register, a hospital must have an emergency department and a 24/7 commitment to specialist care, treatment, medical imaging equipment and rehabilitation for stroke patients.

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Diagnostic & Other Services

Through San Radiology, Sydney Adventist Hospital offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services to assist with the diagnosis, surveillance and treatment of neurological and neurosurgical disorders. This equipment includes digital x-ray and ultrasound (including vascular ultrasound), two 3T MRI machines (including time-resolved MR angiograph and advanced neuro sequences and applications), high resolution CT imaging equipment that can deliver Dual-Energy CT angiography, CT cerebral perfusion assessment (functional assessment) and vessel tracking and 3D assessment of aneurysms.

In addition, Interventional Radiology (managed by San Radiology) is performed by an experienced team of interventional Neuroradiologists and Radiologists. The procedures they assist with include:

Cerebral aneurysm and arteriovenous malformation management

Cerebral aneurysm is a disorder whereby there is a weakness in the wall of the cerebral artery or vein that causes a localised dilation or ballooning of the blood vessel. An Arteriovenous Malformation (AVF) is a tangle of poorly formed blood vessels (arteries and veins)

Diagnostic cerebral and spinal angiography

Cerebral (brain) and spinal (spine) angiography is a procedure by which detailed images of the cerebral or spinal arteries and veins are acquired

Endovascular and cerebral aneurysm treatment

A less invasive treatment that can take place inside the blood vessels to treat problems such as an aneurysm, which is a swelling or 'ballooning' of the blood vessel

Cerebral and Spinal Arteriovenous Fistula (AVFs) treatment

An abnormal connection or passage between and artery or a vein

Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs) treatment / clinical management

An abnormal connection between the arteries and the veins in the brain

Endovascular cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM) treatment

A type of treatment used for AVM where tiny catheters can be passed into the cerebral vessels and a type of glue material can be injected to stop the AVM

Mechanical Thrombectomy (for Acute Stroke) with/without Carotid Stenting

Mechanical Thrombectomy involves the use of a device to remove clots and help patient function after an acute (mini) stroke. Carotid stenting is a procedure that can be used to open narrowed carotid arteries. Carotid arteries are on either side of the neck and supply blood to the brain

Spinal Intervention including Perineural, Epidural & Facet Joint Injections and Vertebroplasty

Perineural Injections - also known as a "nerve root block" or "peri-radicular injection", it is used to provide temporary relief from pain related to nerve compression of irritation and involves the injection of a dilute sugar solution into tissue surrounding the nerves that have been identified as being "inflamed"

Epidural Injections - used to reduce pain and inflammation associated with nerve root compression, it involves the injection of a powerful anti-immflamatory medicine directly into the space outside of the sac of fluid around the spinal cord

Facet Joint Injections - the injection of small amounts of local anaesthetic (numbing agent) or steroid medication into the facet joints to numb and block pain

Vertebroplasty - a procedure in which a special type of bone cement is injected into fractured vertebra to help relieve pain

For those patients requiring other allied health and support services prior to or following diagnosis or treatment, the San offers a comprehensive range of services including pathology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, assistance with children’s sleep disorders and a consultant liaison psychiatry service.

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Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical Specialties and Services