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Awards & Accreditation

National Clinical Excellence Award

In 2006 the San was the proud winner of the Australian Private Hospitals Association Award for Clinical Excellence for Hospitals over 70 beds. The San recieved this distinguished award in recognition of its commitment to the provision of quality care achieving best practice outcomes for patient’s, staff, and the community, in a Christian environment which forms the basis of Sydney Adventist Hospital’s mission.

The award submission outlines how the hospital excelled in achieving its mission during the previous two years across all facets from leadership and planning through to delivery of healthcare to the community.

"A high standard of leadership and a strong personal commitment to the hospital ensures a focus on organisational performance.  Sydney Adventist Hospital has a very robust strategic planning process using Balanced Scorecard Methodology, which is well integrated into the organisation at all levels and has led to many improvements.

Sydney Adventist Hospital is committed to the provision of services and technology to meet the changing needs of our community.  This is evidenced by new innovative services, multi-million dollar investment into new and upgraded facilities, along with the latest in technology including a new flat plate technology Cardiac Catheter Laboratory, Greenlight Laser, and plans to install Australia’s first Siemens SOMATOM Definition CT later in 2006. Clinical care delivery has been further enhanced through the introduction of multi-disciplinary teams and research capability through the establishment of the Australasian Research Institute onsite at Sydney Adventist Hospital. 

Considerable focus has been placed on implementing a risk management structure, which supports safe practice across the organisation.  Extensive systems and processes have been put in place to ensure a safe and healthy environment is provided for patients, visitors, staff and the community.

Sydney Adventist Hospital is well supported by strong human resource and information management capabilities. Excellent recruitment, retention and education strategies ensure the hospital has well selected, trained and competent staff to deliver the best outcomes. Staff are supported by advanced information systems that assist day to day operations, and provide a wealth of performance indicators that are used to improve organisational performance."

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