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Clinical Specialties - Maternity

Maternity Information Resources

We have a range of information flyers available for mums-to-be and new mums.  These can be read on our site and translated into numerous languages through our Google Translate button at the top of every web page, or downloaded and printed as PDFs. (Please note PDFs cannot be translated.)

Information on the website

To read through and / or translate our information flyers on the website, please click on the links below.

PDF Files

Pregnancy Breastfeeeding
Nutrition During Pregnancy Benefits of Breastfeeding
Nausea & Vomiting During Pregnancy Tips for Breastfeeding Success
Breastfeeding - Positioning & Attachment
Birth Has My Baby Had Enough?
FAQs: Epidural/Spinal Analgesia During Birth Monitoring Baby's Progress when Breastfeeding
Nutrition During Breastfeeding
Other Mastitis
Settling Chart  Engorgement
Community Resource Flow Chart Expressing and Storing Breast Milk
Postnatal Perineum Care (English) & (Chinese translation)
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