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Clinical Specialties - Maternity

Baby Nurseries

Well Baby Nursery

Well Baby NurseryHaving your baby with you in your room throughout the day and night, whilst you have access to experienced midwives for support and advice, provides you with a wonderful opportunity to gain confidence in caring for your baby and to enjoy the early stages of getting to know and bond with your baby.

Midwives are on hand 24 hours a day to support you as you get to know your baby and to assist with breastfeeding, even during the night. Should you choose to make use of the well baby nursery, it is staffed at night and midwives can bring your baby to you for breastfeeding.

Special Care Nursery

Special Care NurserySome newborn babies require admission to the Special Care Nursery for various reasons e.g. prematurity, low birth weight or illness. You are welcome to visit at any time and the staff will keep you informed of your baby's progress. Immediate family may visit by arrangement with the nursing staff. 

Please note, people who have only a 'single' level of cover will not receive Health Fund benefits if your baby is admitted to Special Care Nursery. You are advised to contact your Health Fund at least 4 months before your due date for more information and to ensure you have appropriate cover.

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