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Clinical Specialties - Maternity

Hospital Policies

Smoking and Alcohol Policy

Restrictions on smoking and alcohol throughout the hospital are based on health, courtesy, legal and safety considerations. As smoking is detrimental to good health and also a fire hazard, patients and visitors are asked not to smoke in the hospital or on hospital grounds.

Patients and visitors are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages to hospital or to consume alcoholic beverages within the Hospital.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Sydney Adventist Hospital is committed to delivering the highest possible standard of health care. As a patient, you have certain rights when seeking medical treatment and care, and also responsibilities relating to that treatment and care. Click for more information about your Rights & Responsibilities.

Your Right to Privacy

Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH) recognises and respects every patient’s right to privacy.  We will collect and use the minimum amount of personal information needed for us to ensure that you receive a high level of health care.  SAH will always endeavour to manage your information to protect your privacy. Click to view the Sydney Adventist Hospital's Privacy Policy.



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