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Health & Wellness

The San is committed to the wellbeing of the whole person. A major focus of our wholistic approach is preventative health. We offer a wide range of services aimed at helping members of our community stay healthy and fit, and return to health following illness or surgery.  Most of these services are available to anyone in the San’s community, not only those who have been previous patients at our Hospital.

Our Cancer Support Centre and Jacaranda Lodge were founded in 1993 to provide support for all those in the community affected by cancer, and provide support groups, education seminars, counselling, resources and information, and accommodation in a warm, comforting and supportive environment.

Our San Nutrition Dietitians are an important part of the Hospital’s health care team. As university-trained professionals, they apply the science of nutrition, combined with food knowledge and communication skills, to help achieve good health through eating well, for patients whilst in hospital and community members.  They have a wide range of recipes and resources available.

San Physiotherapy is a comprehensive facility, with expert staff able to assess and treat a wide range of conditions. We provide a variety of services for patients in the hospital, outpatients returning for ongoing treatments after discharge, and also for members of our community, including general aqua fitness classes and classes specifically designed for women during pregnancy.

The Fox Valley Medical and Dental Centre is a quality Family Medical Practice fully accredited by AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited). The centre has qualified male and female General Practitioners, and offers a complete range of services to satisfy the health care needs of your entire family.

The San’s Cardiac Rehabilitation programs can reduce the incidence of subsequent cardiovascular events, increase your chances of survival and improve your quality of life.   We offer monitored exercise and training programs for previous patients and members of the community.

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