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General Practitioners

Sydney Adventist Hospital is committed to working in partnership with our patients’ General Practitioners and primary health care providers.

Patients requiring admission are cared for by an SAH Accredited Specialist who will liaise with primary health care providers and General Practitioners as to the progress of the patient. 

General Practitioners looking to locate a specialist accredited at SAH for referral can do so using our website Find a Specialist search facility, or our Specialist Directory PDF (printed Dec 2018).

Patients needing urgent attention can be directed to our Emergency Care department. Please phone 02 9487 9000 for more information.

Unaccredited General Practitioners wishing to visit a hospitalised patient to consult on their care can seek provisions to do so by contacting Medical Services on 02 9487 9400.

GP Liaison

Ben Lewis (AHCL GP Liaison) is a dedicated contact point for GPs. Ben will be introducing himself and meeting with GPs, visiting practises, gathering feedback (and communicating this to hospital administration & relevant areas), hosting GP meetings/events, and involved in matters relating to GPs.

See more information on our Clinical Engagagement and Development Team, or contact Ben directly by phoning (02) 9487 9421 or email

Communication with General Practitioners

Electronic Notifications are sent to the General Practitioner when a patient is admitted or discharged. Patients are often instructed to see their General Practitioner within the first week of discharge. Discharge instructions are given to the patient and delivered electronically to the General Practitioner for follow up. General Practitioners are encouraged to contact the specialist in charge with questions or concerns or information about their patient’s admission.

The San provides a variety of Education Events for General Practitioners each year, including 5 or 6 RACGP accredited Category 2 Medical Updates for GPs.  For further information please see the Events & Education section. 

We also produce a special newsletter for GPs and Specialists called San Doctor five times per year. It features educational articles written by San specialists focussing on key or new information in their respective areas of expertise. This publication is highly read and includes no advertising or sponsorship.

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