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For Doctors

Being the largest private and the largest not-for-profit hospital in NSW brings many benefits for our doctors, staff and patients. Our history of quality care spans more than 110 years and our reputation for caring and quality service is very high in our community.

We provide a comprehensive range of services with high-quality diagnostic services and advanced technology. Our emergency care department is the largest private emergency department in NSW. We are committed to continually growing and developing our services to meet community needs.

Some of the services available to our 1,000+ accredited specialists and our local General Practitioner community

SAH Clinical School CECTeaching & Research

AMO HandbookCommencing Work at the San

Consulting Suites

Consulting Suite Opportunities

San Doctor PublicationGP Events, Education & Marketing

Operating TheatreOperating Theatres

Integrated Cancer CentreIntegrated Cancer Centre

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Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical Specialties and Services