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New Graduate FAQs

Why attend a New Graduate Program?

A new graduate program is designed to guide you from academia to clinical practice, as you start your career they can be beneficial in many ways.  It should provide you with support and assist you to develop your clinical skills, professionalism and confidence.  You should gain significant exposure to a variety of clinical settings thus assisting your professional development and future employment opportunities.

Why choose Sydney Adventist Hospital?

We are the largest single campus Private Hospital in NSW and can therefore offer you a wide variety of clinical settings to develop your practice in.  Our comprehensive competency based program is individually tailored to you.  It includes an extended orientation, study days and access to courses from nursing education and our RTO.  You will receive formal and informal feedback regularly to support your development. The San is known for its great culture amongst staff and inclusion of new staff into the team.

Can international students apply?

Applicants must be Australian citizens or have rights to work permanently in Australia. Sponsorship is not provided for international students.

How do I prepare for my interview?

When we arrange your interview, you will be sent an email regarding the documentation you are required to bring with you, a map of where to find us and an outline of our recruitment process.  We suggest you bring all required documentation with you including identification, references, an up to date CV and supporting documents.  Arrive 15 minutes prior to the interview time to complete further documentation and compose yourself.  You will be interviewed by 2 or 3 people.  We start your interview with a casual discussion about you, followed by set questions based on the selection criteria and ANMC competencies, and finish off with questions you may have for us and finalise you paperwork. Practice your interview technique and sample questions with your friends or family. Most importantly try to relax!

What support is available for New Graduates?

Sydney Adventist Hospital offers generous support to New Graduates.  In addition to the extended orientation and study days you have preceptors to support you in your clinical setting.  You have a dedicated New Graduate Coordinator, Clinical Nurses Educators and preceptors to provide individual support and guidance.  Formal feedback is built into the program to support the informal feedback you will receive.

How does the Peri-operative graduate nurse program differ from the new graduate nurse program?

The Perioperative graduate nurse program is a 12 month, fulltime program within the perioperative environment. The theatre stream is designed to support new graduate registered nurses choosing a career within the theatre environment as a scrub/scout nurse. Evidence of previous exposure within the perioperative setting must be provided in your application.

Can New Graduate Nurses volunteer with Open Heart International?

The Glenys Chapman Scholarship provides one San "new grad" nurse each year an opportunity early in their nursing career to experience working and volunteering in a developing country.  The scholarship covers the cost of flights, accommodation and travel insurance for your trip. For further information regarding this amazing opportunity please click here for the brochure.

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