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Clinical Specialties - Maternity

Enquiries & Bookings

Maternity Bookings / Admissions Enquiries – 9487 9903

You will need to make a maternity booking to pre-register your stay with us. Click here for information on our booking process and to access our on-line admission form.

If you have any queries in relation your booking, then please contact us on (02) 9487 9903 or via email at

Office hours are Mon-Fri 8:30am – 6.30pm (closed weekends and public holidays).

Maternity Enquiries – 9480 4154

For all maternity related enquiries, or to book in for education classes or tours, then please ring our maternity unit on (02) 9480 4154 or via email on

Birthing Unit Contact – 9480 4161

If you have booked in to the San for the birth of your baby, you are welcome to contact the birthing unit at any time for advice or when you are in labour. Please make sure that you contact us before coming to the hospital to allow one of our midwives to organise and plan your arrival.

Our midwives will provide directions on where to park and how to get to the birthing unit.

Other Important Contact Numbers

  • Sydney Adventist Hospital – 9487 9111
  • Lactation Consultants - 9480 4071
  • Physiotherapy - 9487 9350
  • Social Workers - 9487 9660
  • Special Care Nursery - 9480 4162
  • Postnatal Maternity Ward - 9480 4060


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