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Clinical Specialties & Services

Day Surgery and Day Procedures

Surgical Centre 

Many of the procedures carried out in our Operating Theatres necessitate a hospital stay following surgery while many others are carried out as Day Surgery procedures. In most cases, patients do not need to be admitted until the day of their surgery. These patients are admitted through the Surgical Centre where all necessary administrative and clinical tasks required in preparation for their surgery are carried out. Patients will be transported directly from the Surgical Centre to the operating theatre.

Following initial recovery from the anaesthetic, patients staying overnight will be transferred from Recovery to their inpatient room. Day Surgery patients are returned to the post-operative recovery area adjacent to the Surgical Centre until they have recovered sufficiently to be discharged.

Click here for a printable site map and directions.

Day Surgery Procedures Centre

Day procedures such as Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, and Bronchoscopy are carried out in the Day Procedures Centre, located on Level 4 of the Tulloch Building.

Day procedure patients are admitted through the Day Procedures Centre and go directly to the Endoscopy Theatres. Following the procedure and recovery, patients are returned to the Day Procedures Centre Discharge Lounge.

Click here for a printable site map and directions.

San Day Surgery Hornsby

San Day Surgery Hornsby is a separate free-standing, licensed day surgery located in nearby Hornsby. It provides surgical services for both children and adults. More details about this facility can be found here.

Diabetes and Day Surgery 

Many people with diabetes will undergo surgery or a diagnostic procedure at some stage.  See more information on what you need to know before and after your procedure if you have diabetes.

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Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical Specialties and Services