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Coronavirus Information for Sydney Adventist Hospital Patients and Visitors

March 24, 2020

Current coronavirus management and prevention

  • All non-urgent elective surgery, except Category 1 and emergency surgery, has been cancelled at the San. This applies to the main operating theatres, Day Procedure Centre, Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory and San Radiology.
  • This will allow for the preservation of personal protective equipment resources critical to protecting staff and doctors.
  • Resources have been depleted despite attempts to source other supplies, a direct appeal to the NSW Ministry of Health, and a request to access the Commonwealth National Stockpile.
  • We regret that this decision was required.
  • This decision will be regularly reviewed and may be influenced in the future by the availability of a rapid COVID-19 test and an improved supply of personal protective equipment.
  • Patients should discuss their medical needs with their medical practitioner.

March 23, 2020

Current coronavirus status - management & prevention

  • It was inevitable given the community situation that the San is currently caring for a COVID-19 positive patient (as at March 23, 2020).
  • Extensive infection prevention actions previously planned for this situation have been put in place.
  • A dedicated isolation ward has been established.
  • Personal protection and infection control processes advised by infectious diseases experts and NSW Health are being followed.
  • The San will follow the directive of NSW Health as to whether any COVID-19 patients will be discharged for isolation and recovery at home, transferred to a public facility, or continue to be cared for at the Hospital.
  • A team of experts has been liaising regularly with NSW Health and other authorities to follow suggested processes, and mitigate potential risks to respond to this unprecedented community situation. These build on existing high standard infection prevention and controls.

Adventist HealthCare will remain vigilant in taking advice from state and federal Government, and updating initiatives as needed to manage this evolving situation.

We want to ensure that the health of our patients, our visitors, and our medical, nursing, allied health and support teams who care for the often most vulnerable in our community is not compromised.


March 19, 2020

Video from AHCL CEO Brett Goods regarding prevention of COVID-19


Click here to read the transcript of CEO Brett Goods video

March 19, 2020

Prenatal classes and tours cancelled at this time

Unfortunately San Maternity has cancelled all prenatal classes and tours until further notice.

Sydney Adventist Hospital has made this decision as part of our proactive precautionary response to the evolving situation caused by coronavirus COVID-19. We believe that these proactive measures will reduce the risk of spreading the virus to participants, facilitators, staff and doctors.

We apologise for any inconvenience and stress this decision may cause.

All class fees will be refunded back to the credit card that made the purchase.

We appreciate the community’s support and understanding at this time.

March 16, 2020

Measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19

As from 10 am Monday 16th March one-visitor-only arrangements are in place at Sydney Adventist Hospital. The nominated visitor can visit as frequently as they wish.

This decision is a proactive precautionary response to the unprecedented and evolving situation in the community caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19). The aim is to reduce the risk of spreading the virus which may be increased by hospital visits of a high volume of people, each of whom may have had multiple social contacts, which may have led to infection.

Social distancing is a measure which is being recommended in many areas of the community.

We are saddened that this unprecedented global situation has led to this. While as at the date of the decision the San has no identified cases of coronavirus, with reports of the increased incidence in our North-West region, we believe this is a proactive and measured response meeting the Hospital’s responsibility to reduce risk to patients, doctors and staff.

Patients are being asked to advise other friends and family to keep in contact via phone or online.

There will be exceptions for specific circumstances that warrant special review and reassessment including the needs of long term or palliative care patients.

We appreciate the community’s support and understanding during this time while we work proactively to help contain the risk of spread of coronavirus. This request is made after discussions with infectious disease specialists and understanding the vulnerable and often compromised condition of hospital patients. The Hospital will remain vigilant in taking advice from NSW Health, the Australian Government and the Commonwealth Department of Health.

This measure complements the current screening of all patients and comprehensive infection prevention and control measures. We pride ourselves on quality care and it is critical that the health of our patients and staff is not compromised. Initiatives to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 will occur without interruption to the hospital’s delivery of quality health care. 

We appreciate the community’s ongoing support. 

March 13, 2020

Click here to see information on the postponement of our Maternity Tours.

March 6, 2020

See our statement regarding restrictions in access to our Maternity Unit.

More information on COVID-19 can be found at:


Contact: Leisa O’Connor Adventist HealthCare Corporate Communications Manager on 94879416 or at leisa.oconnor@sah.org.au

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