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Clinical Specialties - Maternity

Caring for Your Baby

Rooming In

Rooming InRooming-in (having your baby in your room rather than in the nursery) is recommended, but not compulsory. Your baby may remain in the room with you while your visitors are present. You will be given assistance with the care of your baby and will be shown how to bath, change nappies, and more.

Research has shown that rooming-in has a number of advantages: 

  • Promotes bonding
  • Builds confidence with parenting skills
  • Increases mother's knowledge of baby's behaviour and routine
  • Encourages lactation
  • Allows breast feeding on demand

Feeding Your Baby

Feeding BabyThe midwifery staff will be happy to assist you in establishing the feeding method of your choice. However, we recommend breastfeeding according to your baby's needs. Formula will not be given to your baby without your consent.

Lactation Specialist

The midwives will assist you to develop your breastfeeding skills. Additionally, Lactation Consultants are available for breastfeeding consultations or for any concerns regarding feeding, while in hospital and up to six weeks following the birth of your baby. There is a nominal fee for this service once you leave hospital.

Settling Advice

During your stay in hospital information on normal newborn behaviour and settling is available.

Special Care NurserySpecial Care Nursery

Some newborn babies require admission to the Special Care Nursery for various reasons e.g. prematurity, low birth weight or illness. You are welcome to visit at any time and the staff will keep you informed of your baby's progress. Immediate family may visit by arrangement with the nursing staff. 

Please note, people who have only a 'single' level of cover will not receive Health Fund benefits if your baby is admitted to Special Care Nursery. You are advised to contact your Health Fund at least 4 months before your due date for more information and to ensure you have appropriate cover.


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