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Clinical Specialties - Cardiac

Patient Information

Cardiovascular & Thoracic Patient Information

Our team of highly skilled doctors and nurses, cardiac rehabilitation and physiotherapy staff, plus many other health professionals are all here to care for patients in a way that is unique to the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Cardiovascular disease and surgery can be highly significant events for patients and their families because of the emotional and social impact on lives and the stress inherent in the situation. Often the partners and family of the cardiac patient experience similar emotions to the patients themselves. As with any crisis, many people feel shock, disbelief, fear, anger, guilt or sadness. These feelings are very normal and usually go away within a few weeks. Being aware of your feelings and discussing them as a couple or a family are important parts of dealing with the situation. Not only will this help to lessen fears and anxieties, but is can also create positive changes in a relationship.

Research has shown that couples and families who cope best are those who view this stressful situation as a challenge in their lives and an opportunity to improve relationships within the family. The challenge of the cardiac crisis is facing the reality of your situation, letting go of what is lost and developing new ways to live which enhance the quality of your life.

For more detailed information on the conditions we treat including various treatments and procedures, as well as an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the heart, please click here.

Information Resources

If you are coming to the San for a heart procedure, our "Know Your Heart Better" booklet provides you with details of various procedures, treatments and operations, and gives an overview of what to expect.

If you are being admitted for open heart surgery, our "Going for Heart Surgery" booklet will explain what to bring and what to expect during your operation, stay and throughout the rehabilitation process.

If you are being admitted for lung surgery, our "Going for Lung Surgery" booklet will provide you with an overview of the types of lung procedures and what to expect post-surgery.

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