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Clinical Specialties - Cardiac

Operating Theatres

operating theatreEach year the San carries out an average of around 20,000 operations and has a total of 24 operating theatres, spread between the recently-completed Clark Tower and the Clinical Services Building.

These operating theatres are state-of-the-art and some are equipped with ‘smart’ technology. The San was one of the first outside of the United States to offer complete navigation/stereotaxy integration which is used for orthopaedic joint replacement, spine fusion, cranial and ENT surgery, with this technology not provided in many Australian hospitals.

Click on the image to the right and scroll through the options to take a virtual tour of our operating theatres.

Hybrid Theatre

The new hybrid theatre located in the Tulloch building, is a state-of-the-art operating theatre that provides our cardiovascular and vascular surgical teams with the ability to perform minimally invasive and endovascular image-guided surgery.

Hybrid TheatreIn some cases, patients require both types of surgery and the advantage of the hybrid theatre is that it allows both types of surgery to be done in the one theatre session under a single anaesthetic, rather than in several stages in different theatre facilities within the hospital.

The theatre is the first in Australia to use the latest Philips Azurion advanced flexible imaging equipment which provides high-quality, high-resolution X-rays and three-dimensional images of anatomy and soft tissue while substantially reducing radiation doses.

Based on a patient’s condition, a decision will be made by the doctor as to whether the hybrid theatre, an alternate theatre or the Cardiac Cath Lab (CCL) would be the most appropriate location for treatment.

Image courtesy of Philips.

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