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Clinical Specialties - Cardiac


On the day your doctor decides you are ready to be discharged and head home you will generally be given the following items:

  • Discharge summary to take to your GP
  • Medications
  • Printed list of your medications
  • X-rays

As it is a requirement by law to wear a seatbelt when travelling in a car as a passenger and this could be uncomfortable depending on your procedure, it is advisable to place a cushion or towel under the seatbelt for comfort. If you have a long distance to travel home ensure you stop every 1-2 hours and get out of the car to stretch your legs.

To better understand the general discharge process and how it works, please refer to our comprehensive information in the Services - For Patients section on our website.


Depending on your procedure and the advice of your cardiologist or surgeon, a recommended rehabilitation program may be suggested. This may involve physiotherapy and a home exercise program, or in some instances, participation in the Outpatient Heart Health Program. Rehabilitation is vital in ensuring a smooth recovery and transition back to a normal active life.

For more information on all these programs please click here.

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