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Clinical Specialties - Cardiac

Cardiovascular Care

The ongoing spirit, dedication and care of the specialised and highly trained doctors, nurses, case managers, dietitians, physiotherapists, and cardiac rehabilitation staff have enabled Sydney Adventist Hospital to cement its reputation as an Australian leader in private cardiovascular care.

Sydney Adventist Hospital offers a range of cardiovascular services including on-call specialists, quality accommodation and rehabilitation programs. For more information see our Cardiac Services.

Cardiothoracic & Vascular Pathways – Diagnosis to Treatment

Depending on your heart, lung or vascular condition, there is a typical pathway that you will follow from diagnosis through to treatment. In the majority of cases (excluding emergency) when you first experience some sort of chest pain or discomfort you will visit your GP (General Practitioner) who might then refer you to a Cardiologist (a specialist who deals with heart-related conditions) or vascular specialist if you have risk factors for cardiovascular disease or symptoms that indicate that it may already be present. These skilled specialists will then review your symptoms and make a diagnosis as to what treatment is required.

If the problem relates to the vessels and arteries outside of the heart and may require surgery, then this would normally be handled by a Vascular surgeon.

If the problem relates to the heart or vessels of the heart and a procedure is required then you may be referred to an Interventional Cardiologist (a cardiologist with additional education and training in minimally invasive catheter-based heart procedures), or if more major surgery of the heart or lungs is required then you may be referred to a Cardiothoracic surgeon.

The San has experts in all these areas and you can find a Specialist here.

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