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Clinical Specialties - Cancer

Why Choose the San?

The extensive and comprehensive cancer services and support provided at Sydney Adventist Hospital make it an ideal choice for patients and their carers dealing with a cancer diagnosis. The San is the largest private hospital in NSW. There are a wide range of additional medical services available should they be needed such as a 24/7 emergency unit, a 36 bed intensive care unit, fully equipped interventional cardiology and vascular surgery suites, on-site rehabilitation unit and much more. We are proud to be a leader in technological advances such as our extensive robotics and minimally invasive surgical programs. Our patients are discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting, in many cases, providing them with a multidisciplinary approach to their cancer care. We are actively involved in clinical research and provide opportunities for our patients to access clinical trials.

We are committed to providing the best care for our patients. Our remarkable team of experts focus on our patients being at the centre of all that we do. We are constantly reviewing how we can support you and your loved ones at every stage of treatment and beyond.

Our team approach to care

SAH Cancer Team

When you become a San patient, you will be cared for by a team of highly-skilled experts from doctors to nurses, and other specialists who will guide and help you through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. They will be your personal multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and they are highly specialised in specific types of cancer. For more information on our MDT’s, please click here. The make up of your "team" will depend on your individual situation and needs.

Your personal team will discuss your cancer and determine the best treatment plan for you. Their collective expertise ranges from surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy to imaging and pathology. Our highly trained oncology nurses, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists work closely with your doctors and will also be an essential part of your team.

This emphasis on patient-focused care is designed to personalise cancer care for each individual patient. Having a dedicated team provides many benefits including:

  • Ability to react quickly: With a cancer diagnosis, it is important to get an appropriate treatment plan as efficiently as possible. Our patient-centred approach is aimed at ensuring efficiency and convenience, with all services under the one roof, allowing for timely results.
  • Individualised treatment: When the members of your care team are chosen based on your needs, cancer type and treatment goals, you can feel confident that your treatment will have the best results.
  • Better communication: Your team of doctors can easily communicate about your treatment and make any adjustments promptly when needed to provide the best outcome.
  • Patient empowerment: Your care team will keep you and your family involved throughout the process, providing comfort and allowing you to make informed decisions about your care.
  • Integrated care: Your care team works together, under one roof, making access to specialists and treatment facilities easier, more efficient and less stressful.

Our mission has always been to care for the "whole" person and this might mean that your team may also include dietitians, physiotherapists, dermatologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists, specialists in fertility, social workers or palliative medicine specialists, and any other appropriate support person who can make your cancer experience a little easier.

We understand that the experience is not only physically demanding but emotionally demanding on patients as well as their loved ones. Our mission is to provide you with any assistance you need. More information on our cancer support services is available here.

Patient-focused care

Our integrated care model for cancer treatment and support is focused on the patient. We put you at the centre and want to ensure we do everything to optimise your wellbeing.

Each patient has a team of cancer specialists and allied health professionals who work together to develop an integrative treatment plan specifically for their needs.

Our remarkable doctors

It takes a team of remarkable doctors to treat a complex disease like cancer. We are fortunate that approaches and technology are constantly evolving, providing patients with a greater choice of options, therapies and medications to help deal with the disease. That’s why it is important to draw on the knowledge of our skilled doctors trained in cancer care, from diagnosis through to treatment, to pain and side-effect management and survivorship.

Below is a list of specialists across a range of medical areas. If you cannot find a particular specialist of interest, then please try our Find a Specialist search facility.

Our remarkable results

When you have been diagnosed with cancer it can be a confusing time and deciding what specialist and where to go for treatment can seem equally difficult. You want to be confident that you are getting the very best care and the support that you need.

Most hospitals will claim to be able to do this, but we provide you with actual results that can assist you in making an informed decision about where to go for treatment.

The San was placed 1st in NSW by the Bureau of Health Information (BHI) survey of outpatient cancer centres. The results of patient experiences at the San Integrated Cancer Centre have been exceptional. This illustrates a genuine commitment to patient care by our dedicated staff.

About the research...

  • The survey included 50 hospitals with outpatient cancer clinics - 48 public hospitals and two private facilities
  • It included 80 questions about topics such as access to services, care planning and coordination, patient experience and complications, which were rolled up into 53 measures
  • The results were based on responses of 11,301 people who attended a NSW outpatient cancer clinic in November 2017

SAH achieved some outstanding results…

  • 93% of SAH responses rated their overall care as 'very good'
  • 96% of SAH respondents said they would speak highly of their clinic experience to family & friends
  • 98% of SAH respondents said they were treated with respect while they were at our centre
  • 97% of SAH respondents said their cultural and religious beliefs were respected by staff
  • 97% of SAH respondents said the staff were kind and caring towards them

One of the measures reported was the number of each hospital’s results which were significantly more positive than the NSW result. The San achieved 25 significantly more positive measures - a fantastic outcome that places us 1st in NSW.

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