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Clinical Specialties - Cancer

Cancer Support Seminar Videos

Prostate Cancer Support Group, February 24 2020

Exercise & Prostate Cancer -
Dr Tim Hartwig, Australian Catholic University



Breast Cancer Education Forum, October 29 2019

How to build resilience after a diagnosis of breast
cancer - Maxine Rosenfield, Oncology Counsellor


What’s new with breast cancer -
Nina Singh, San Clinical Trials Unit Manager


Prostate Cancer Support Groups, 2019

Rehabilitation Following Prostate Cancer Surgery -
Dr Lisa Tarlinton, Clinical Director San Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, November 2019


Review of 2019 Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference
- Dr James Symons, Urologist, August 2019


Rehabilitation Following Prostate Cancer Surgery -
Dr Philip Katelaris, Urologist, February 2019



Breast Cancer Forum, October 30 2018

Update on Recent Advances in Breast Cancer -
Assoc Prof Michael Hughes, Surgical Oncologist


Breast Cancer & Exercise -
Janet McCormack, Senior Physiotherapist


Taking Back My Control -
Amy Prosser, Breast Cancer Survivor



Prostate Cancer Support Group Meeting, September 24 2018

Palliative Care in the Prostate Cancer Setting -
Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner, Julie Edwards


Understanding Prostate Pathology - 
Prof Warren Delprado


Prostate Cancer Support Group Meeting, March 26 2018

Advanced Prostate Cancer Progress to 2018 -
Assoc Prof Gavin Marx


Breast Cancer Education Forum Presentations, October 13 2015

Breast Cancer Update -
Assoc Prof Michael Hughes


Life Balance: Building Resilience after a breast cancer diagnosis - Maxine Rosenfield

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