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Clinical Specialties - Cancer

Specialised Group Exercise Classes for Cancer Patients - E-Leet Physiology

Exercise for cancer patients class

Unfortunately the specialised small group classes have been postponed until further notice

Sydney Adventist Hospital has made this decision as part of our proactive precautionary response to the evolving situation caused by coronavirus COVID-19. We believe that these proactive measures will reduce the risk of spreading the virus to participants, facilitators, staff and doctors.

We apologise for any inconvenience and stress this decision may cause, and we appreciate the community’s support and understanding at this time.

Exercise Physiologists now run specialised small group classes at the San

There is now extensive evidence of the value of appropriate exercise for people during and after cancer treatment. It can:

  • help manage some of the common side effects of treatment
  • speed up your return to your usual activities
  • improve your quality of life, your energy levels and mood
  • improve treatment outcomes

Trained and experienced in working with people who are going through, or have been through cancer treatment, Cancer patient exercise programthe team from E-Leet Physiology guide patients in a safe and gentle exercise program.

Classes are held in our private and comfortable gym located in Jacaranda Lodge.  They are booked in 10 week blocks for a total cost of $150. Please consult with your health fund to find out if they offer a rebate for this program.

For class dates, bookings and more information please contact our Cancer Support Centre staff on 02 9487 9061 or email support@sah.org.au

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