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Clinical Specialties - Maternity

Your Stay

Booking In

As an expectant mother considering having your baby at Sydney Adventist Hospital, you should first see your Obstetrician, who will provide you with a referral letter to book into the Hospital.

If you have not chosen your Obstetrician, you can read profiles on our remarkable specialists and find an accredited San Obstetrician in your area through our Find a Specialist website search facility. Alternatively you can contact Maternity Enquiries on (02) 9480 4154 and they will fax or send you a list of the Accredited Obstetricians practicing at the San.

Click here for www.eadmissions.sah.org.au to complete your online admission form.

Click here to download our Maternity Pre Admission Guide.

If you do not have private health insurance, or you have overseas health insurance, you will be required to pay the balance of your estimated account 2 months prior to your estimated date of delivery. For an estimation of the costs associated with your Maternity stay, please phone the Patient Accounts Department on 02 9487 9903.

Midwife Interview

We understand that you may have uncertainties and queries about the birth of your baby. If you would like to book a midwife appointment to discuss your pregnancy or information about your upcoming stay with us, please phone Maternity Enquiries (02) 9480 4154 or email maternityenquiries@sah.org.au. Midwife appointments are not compulsory, however can be useful for:

  • General information regarding the maternity unit
  • Prenatal classes and other education and exercise classes available
  • Knowing when and how to contact the Birthing Unit
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