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Before Admission

Online AdmissionsPrior to your admission to the San, you will need to have completed our admission forms.

To allow us to process your admission promptly, please complete your forms online through our eAdmissions Patient Portal.

If you choose to complete the forms manually you must deliver them to us by hand, post or fax. In most cases, your doctor will have given you a Pre Admission Booklet when you booked your admission. Please read this booklet carefully, retain it for your information, and follow the instructions regarding your options for completing the forms online or manually. If you did not receive this booklet, you can download both the full booklet, or the individual forms, in our Download Your Forms section.

Your Arrival Time

If you are being admitted on the day of your procedure, a member of staff will contact you between 4.00pm and 9.00pm on the working day or evening prior to your admission to notify you of your required arrival time (see Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory and Radiology exceptions below).

If you are being admitted the day before your procedure, attend Patient Services on Level 4 of the Clifford Tower, between 4.00pm and 5.00pm, unless your doctor requests you to present earlier in the day. You will then be taken to your pre-operative ward.

If you are attending the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory, please phone (02) 9487 9130 or (02) 9487 9136 between 3.00pm and 4.30pm the working day prior to your procedure to confirm your admission time.

If you are attending the Radiology Department as a day-stay patient, please contact Radiology to book a time for your procedure by calling (02) 9487 9850. A nurse from the department will be in contact 2-3 days prior to your procedure to confirm final details of your attendance.

The hospital will endeavour to minimise your waiting time. However, there may be longer than expected waiting times if unforeseen events arise with other patients undergoing procedures or if pre-operative reviews or tests are requested by your doctors in the interests of your care.

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