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Aims, Goals & Objectives

At San Radiology & Nuclear Medicine we aim to anticipate and fulfill the needs and expectations of our clients and the Sydney Adventist Hospital medical community by providing consistently high quality diagnostic and interventional imaging services with an emphasis on patient care.

The 10 ways that we strive to achieve our aim is by:

  1. Maintaining a comfortable and relaxing physical environment for all clients;
  2. Providing a quiet and efficient reception that confidently provides an attentive service with a smile;
  3. Keeping waiting times as short and as pleasant as reasonably possible, informing clients of any delays that may affect them;
  4. Prioritising clients on the basis of clinical urgency or who are waiting for immediate reports;
  5. Having all reports available to referrers within 24 hours of the examination time;
  6. Providing compassionate, confidential and professional care, keeping clients informed about their booking, preparation, examination and aftercare;
  7. Ensure high quality reporting;
  8. Defining the roles and objectives of all staff to enable each team to contribute effectively to patient outcomes.
  9. Maintaining safety, availability and reliability of all equipment in our care.
  10. Providing our staff with an environment where learning occurs everyday and where our examinations are provided within a framework that applies the latest knowledge and evidence-based practice.

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