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Books Associated with Sydney Adventist Hospital & Available to Buy

Two books associated with Sydney Adventist Hospital in different ways have been launched at San Homecoming events in recent years.

"Take me to the San"

Stories from a hospital with a mission

Edited by Branimir Schubert & Denise Murray

Take me to the San: Stories from a hospital with a missionEven before its completion and official opening in January, 1903, the Sydney Sanitarium had admitted and treated its first patient. Situated on a hilltop in the then-rural locality of Wahroonga, the hospital’s mission would reach around the world, lead innovation in medical, nursing and ethical practice, and continue to adapt to the changing healthcare needs, environment and economy.

Sydney Adventist Hospital - still affectionately known to many as "The San" - is a landmark in Sydney’s northern suburbs. A pioneer in wholistic healthcare, the hospital is committed to health of body, mind and spirit for its patients, staff and community.

This is a collection of stories from the history of the San, as well as reflections on how this history has been shaped by mission and what it means to be a hospital with a mission today. Written by contributors with many years’ experience at Sydney Adventist Hospital, these are stories of "Christianity in Action".

Take me to the San is available to purchase from the Adventist Book Centre or as a Kindle ebook on Amazon.

Captain Jack Radley and the Heyday of the Fleet

The story of Adventist mission boats in the south seas

By Rose-Marie Radley

Captain Jack Radley and the Heyday of the FleetSince the earliest days of Adventist mission, reaching the people of the South Pacific has offered unique challenges. Vast oceans, remote islands and hostile populations, limited communications, and the ever-present risks of tropical storms and diseases rendered this a region in which the gospel would only spread with long-term commitment. Generations of expatriate and then local missionaries faithfully took up this challenge—supported by a growing fleet of mission boats of many shapes and sizes. 

A self-taught engineer, ship’s captain and navigator, Jack Radley was one of the dominant figures in the development and heyday of the fleet, demonstrating the pioneering spirit that saw the Adventist church established and growing in these island nations, as well as contributing to the medical and economic development of the region. As such, this carefully researched history of Adventist mission boats is also the story of the people who sailed them and the international church they helped build. 

Rose-Marie Radley experienced much of the history in this book as the daughter of Jack Radley, sailing with him on the Ambon around the South Pacific as a teenager. After training as a nurse, she served in Adventist hospitals in Taiwan and Hong Kong, before taking up the position of Director of Nursing at Sydney Adventist Hospital. In retirement, she still lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Captain Jack Radley and the Heyday of the Fleet is available to purchase from the Adventist Book Centre.

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