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Accounts & Health Insurance

Estimate of Costs

Where time allows the Hospital will provide an estimate of the gap between your health insurance cover and the hospital costs prior to your admission. Otherwise, an estimate will be provided at the earliest opportunity after your admission. This will be an ESTIMATE ONLY. As it is prepared using information supplied by your admitting doctor, it is subject to change without notice. Circumstances may also occur during your hospitalisation that will result in changes. Fees for some services cannot be estimated prior to your admission. These services will be listed on your estimate.

While no guarantee can be given, every effort will be made to accommodate your room request. If you are allocated a private room, a gap payment will apply if your health insurance cover does not include private room fees.

Payment for your estimated gap is required on or before admission. Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH) offers several options to pay your estimated gap or other accounts. These include internet, automated phone payment, BPay, post (cheque or money order only), by phoning us on 02 9487 9900 (credit card) or by presenting in person (cash, cheque, EFTPOS, credit card). Refer to the Pay My Account section of this website for full payment option details or to make a payment.

Doctor Accounts

Accounts from your treating doctors are separate and not usually fully covered by your health fund or Medicare.  Please contact your treating doctors directly for estimates and/or to settle these accounts.

For some particular procedures and specialists, the Medicare Benefits Schedule falls well short of the relative value of the procedure as determined by the specialist colleges.  You should therefore be aware that there may be a significant difference between your doctor’s fee and the combined Medicare / health fund rebates.  Unless otherwise agreed with your doctor, payment of this gap (out of pocket costs) is your responsibility.  You should seek an estimate of your out of pocket costs from your treating doctor and anaesthetist prior to your procedure.

Please let your doctor and your anaesthetist know as soon as possible if your medical bills are to be paid by a third party such as worker’s compensation or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Privately Insured Patients

Prior to sending in your admission forms, please check with your private health insurer that your insurance is up to date.  The hospital will check on your behalf whether you have an excess or co-payment to pay or if your level of cover or waiting period excludes you from receiving benefits for some conditions.  However, it is important that you also check with your private health insurer as co-payments and costs for excluded procedures are your responsibility.

You may be liable for the total cost of treatment or part thereof if any of the following apply:

  • Pre-existing condition: If your condition was present prior to you joining your health fund or changing tables a waiting period may apply
  • Exclusion: Where the procedure performed is listed as an exclusion under your table of cover
  • Basic Cover: Where your level of cover is insufficient to meet Private Hospital costs
  • Uninsured patients will be liable for the full cost of accounts.

Uninsured Patients

If you do not have health insurance, you will be required to pay the full estimate of your account on or before the day of your admission. Fees for additional or unplanned services are payable on or after the day of your discharge.


While no guarantee can be given, every effort will be made to accommodate your room request. As DVA does not cover veterans for private room accommodation, a gap payment will apply for each day you occupy a private room. All veterans will receive a hospital estimate highlighting the potential out of pocket expenses associated with private room accommodation.

The Hospital will ensure that prior approval is received for all White Card holders. Gold Card Veterans’ Affairs patients do not require approval prior to admission.

If you require transport to or from hospital, you will need to contact the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to make arrangements.

Workers’ Compensation And Third Party Patients

All Workers’ Compensation, public liability and third party patients require approval from their insurer prior to admission.  If approval is not received, the patient is required to pay the estimated amount on or before the day of admission.

Account Enquiries

For all accounts enquiries please phone (02) 9487 9900. Our staff can be contacted during office hours, Monday to Friday.

Our cashier's hours are 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday.

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