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Accommodation Charges

A Room Bond is payable as part of the Application Fee. Refund of the room bond is dependent on the condition of the room after departure. Deductions from the room bond will be made for damages to the room, which are deemed to fall outside the realm of normal wear and tear. For all residence charges please refer to the Residence Schedule of Fees.

Accommodation charges for all residents are to be paid in advance at all times.

Accommodation charges cover a single bedroom together with full use of the shared and common facilities. Meals and other provisions are the responsibility of the resident.

All residents must complete a Departure Package as their notice of departure from the Residence. Packages are available from Residence Reception. Part 1 of the Departure Package must be lodged no less than 21 days prior to the intended date of departure. Part 2 provides details for cleaning the room, giving opportunity to maximise the Room Bond refund. Further details are available in the Resident Handbook under Room Costs and Refunds.

Invoices are not generated for residents or third party interests for any charges within the Residence.  Similar to a rental situation residents are required to know how much and when payment is due and to maintain these payments in advance at all time.  Receipts will only be issued at the time of payment.

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