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Robotic Surgery (da Vinci)

This new generation of surgical technique offered at the San complements our comprehensive existing range of treatments. It is another measure which reaffirms the position of Sydney Adventist Hospital as a centre of excellence for surgical treatment in New South Wales.

This amazing technology is the next evolutionary step forward from Laparoscopic Surgery.

The da Vinci Robot has initially been used by urologists to assist in the precise and delicate surgery of the prostate and kidney, complementing our other surgical options for cancer. Sydney Adventist Hospital now provides the Robotic assisted option.

The Robot enables surgeons to perform the traditional open procedures via a minimally invasive route and allows for high surgical precision by manipulating, scaling and translating their hand movements to the robotic arms operating on the patient.

The robot is designed so that the surgeon sits at a console in the operating room and directly controls the robotic arms whilst viewing 3D High Definition images, allowing surgical precision and meticulus preservation of important nerves and blood vessels. This is achieved by instruments giving a greater range of movement than possible with the human hand. The improved vision provided by the 3D HD camera is unprecedented.

This advanced technology is progressively being used in other surgical specialties as the benefits of robotic surgery continue to become evident.

These potential benefits include: 

  • Conversion of traditionally invasive surgery to minimally invasive surgery
  • Reduced trauma and blood loss
  • Less post-operative pain and surgical complication
  • Shorter stay in hospital and faster, more rapid return to daily living activities.

Read more about the da Vinci Robot at the San, and patient stories, in our San News article.

Doctors Involved in the da Vinci Robotic Surgery program:


Gynaecological Oncology

Colorectal Surgery

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