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Research governance is a framework through which Adventist HealthCare Limited is accountable for the research it authorises to be conducted at its sites.  These sites include Sydney Adventist Hospital (the San), San Day Surgery Hornsby, the Australasian Research Institute and San Diagnostics & Pharmacy.  

The process ensures that all research conforms to the relevant institutional, jurisdictional and national standards and laws.  Research governance addresses protection of research participants, the safety and quality of research, privacy and confidentiality, financial probity, legal and regulatory matters, risk management and monitoring arrangements and promotes good research culture and practice.

Ethical review and governance review are two distinct processes relating to the ethical approval and institutional authorisation of research involving humans.  They are both components of research governance.

1. NHMRC Research Governance Handbook

Research Ethics

The Research Office provides administrative support to the Adventist HealthCare Limited Human Research Ethics Committee, which provides ethical review of all research activities involving humans which are to be conducted at an Adventist HealthCare Limited facility.

Research Governance

The Research Governance Office provides guidance to assist Adventist HealthCare Limited in meeting its obligation for the effective governance of research involving humans. Research projects are required to undergo site specific assessment before site authorisation can be granted by the Adventist HealthCare Limited Chief Executive Officer.

Adventist HealthCare Limited facilities include:

  • Australasian Research Institute
  • San Day Surgery Hornsby
  • San Diagnostics & Pharmacy
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital

Contact Information

All enquiries regarding the Research Office and its functions should be directed to:

Barbara Hall
Research Officer
Adventist HealthCare Limited
Australasian Research Institute Building
185 Fox Valley Road

Phone: +61 2 9487 9604

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