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Thank you for choosing Sydney Adventist Hospital for your upcoming treatment.  We hope your time with us is as comfortable as possible.

Coming into Hospital can bring with it lots of questions and sometimes anxiety. Here at the San, we want to help you be as well prepared as possible for your stay. Hopefully this section will provide you with answers to some of the more common questions you may have. If you have any further enquiries, please contact the relevant Hospital department, phone 02 9487 9111 or email us at

If you are looking for information on how to find the San, or important phone numbers, this information is in our About Us section.

In this section you’ll find information on all the things you need to think about, plan and organise before you are admitted to the San, what to expect during your hospital stay, the services available to assist you when you leave, and important things to know about your hospital and other medical accounts.  You can also pay your account online.  There are several booklets and forms available to download if you did not receive them from your doctor, and information on the Hospitals amenities that may be of interest to you throughout your stay.  There is also information about on-site accommodation and local accommodation options for patients and family members who wish to be closer to the hospital during a stay.

Additional information is available within our online Patient Information Brochure or for the following specific groups of patients in the Our Services section, or via the links below:

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